Building Permits and Inspections

Building Inspections Division

Duties of the Building Inspection Division

This division of the Community Development Department performs many functions.  They include items such as:

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Who can obtain permits?

Property owners can only obtain their own permits for repairs or construction if:

1) They are physically doing the work, and
2) They own the property, and 
3) They reside on the property. 

If this is not the case, only licensed contractors may obtain a permit. 

Occupational Licensing (need for a Business license)
If your business is opening in a building structure in Raytown. You will need an Occupational Use Permit.

All contractors working in the City of Raytown are required to posses a current business license issued by the City of Raytown Community Development Department.  Please contact the Community Development department (816-737-6014) to obtain all applicable business licenses.  This will be verified prior to the permit issuance. 

Craftsman licensing

All electrical, mechanical and plumbing contractors are required to be licensed by the City of Raytown as masters of their trade (Craftsman license). To obtain a Master Craftsman license, the applicant must show that they have expertise in their applicable field.  This may be done by the contractor showing that he/she is currently licensed in a jurisdiction that the City of Raytown recognizes as requiring an approved examination for the applicable craft, or the contractor must show that he/she has successfully passed an approved examination for the applicable craft.

Other Agency Information

The Raytown Fire Protection District is a separate entity from the City of Raytown. However, both agencies work closely together for the enhancement of services within the City limits.  Depending on the type of work performed, a separate permit and inspection may be required by the Fire District.  Please contact the Raytown Fire Protection District for further construction permit requirements.

Utility information

Two separate water companies serve the Raytown area.  They are the Raytown Water Company, and Public Water District #2.  Information regarding water main taps and fees can be obtained through the applicable water company.  To view which water services serves an area, please click here.

The electric company that serves the Raytown area is Kansas City Power & Light Company. Electric power will not be restored to a building until the City of Raytown has inspected the permitted work, and cleared the approved work with the Electric Company.

Natural gas information can be located at the Missouri Gas Energy Company.

Sewer installations and repairs are permitted through the Community Development Department and/or the Public Works Engineering Division.  Any construction performed in the city right-of-way must have a Right-of-Way permit obtained through the Public Works Department.  Please contact the Public Works Department at (816) 737-6012.

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