Business License Renewal Process - Gross Receipts

it is time to renew your Raytown Business License.

Listed below are the items required before a new license can be renewed. 

______Gross Receipt Letter (can be found here)

______Fee (Check or money order if mailed)*

______Jackson County Business Personal Property Paid receipt or waiver**

______Certificate of Missouri "No Tax Due"***


*Fee - A schedule of fees for gross receipts can be found here.

**You can get a receipt or waiver for your Personal Property Taxes from Jackson County at (816)881-4672 or at Raytown City Hall.

***You can find the online request for a Certificate of Missouri "No Tax Due" at



I would like to have a two year license:
Yes, this includes the doubling of the fee
No not at this time.

If you have any questions, please contact the Business License Division at (816) 737-6059 or (816) 737-6011.

Thank you,

City of Raytown

Brenda Gustafson

Business License Manager

10000 E. 59th St.

Fax: (816) 737-6461


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