EMS History

The ambulance service was previously located at 7021 Elm, which was an old fire station, from 1980 until 1999.  In February 2000, the service relocated to the new Willard H. Ross Emergency Services Center at 10020 East 66th Terrace.  A ceremony was held in March 2000 dedicating the building to Willard H. Ross, a former mayor, who was instrumental in establishing Raytown Emergency Medical Services. 

Raytown EMS is the exclusive provider of non-emergency and emergency ambulance service for the City of Raytown.  Operating two 24-hour-a-day ambulances, Raytown EMS employs 8 paramedics and 5 EMTs full-time. 

Our ambulance fleet consists of three vehicles, all of which are equipped to respond to emergencies at any time.  Two units are used in daily operation, with the third providing mechanical backup as well as being an additional support unit in times of system stress (severe weather, mass-casualty incidents, etc).  Each ambulance is equipped with Opticom technology making responses to incidents safer and faster.  This technology, as well as all three ambulances, were improvements made possible by the 2002 Sales Tax initiative passed by Raytown voters and then later renewed.

In January 2005, Raytown EMS became a training center accredited through the State of Missouri’s Bureau of Emergency Medical Services.  In March of 2005, Raytown Emergency Medical Services began its first EMT Academy. Since that time, Raytown EMS has held a spring and fall session each year and continued to maintain a superior passing rate well above the average of comparative programs. In addition to EMT training, Raytown EMS has a wide variety of special classes for the EMS provider, nurses and doctors, as well as the regular citizen.  Contact our education division for more information. 

In 2007, Raytown EMS was recognized by the Missouri Emergency Medical Services Association as the EMS Service of the Year.  In addition to that honor, Brandon Buckman was awarded the Paramedic of the Year for the State of Missouri.  In 2009, Raytown EMS was again recognized by the Missouri Emergency Medical Services Association when they awarded Director at the time, Matthew Cushman, with the Administrator of the Year for the State of Missouri.  In 2012, 2013 and 2014, multiple crews of Raytown EMS have been honored and recognized for their outstanding patient care by Research Medical Center at their Great Save Event.  Raytown EMS is proud to have employees that currently work within the community and continue to receive accolades for their efforts serving the public. They continually strive to keep up to date with the latest advances in the medical field.

RMC Great Save Event 2014

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