EMS Values

Raytown EMS adheres to the following values:

Commitment to Service
We treat persons with illness and injury in our community with care and compassion, utilizing effective principles and practices of patient care, and we strive for excellence through ongoing evaluation and improvement.

We recognize the dignity of others and communicate with others in a respectful manner.

We serve with honesty, loyalty and dedication.

We are responsible for our actions, both positive and negative.

We practice teamwork through communication and cooperation to achieve common goals.

Fair Treatment
We do not discriminate against patients or personnel on the basis of race, color, national origin, ancestry, religion, sex, sexual orientation, age, disability, political belief, military service, ability to pay, or any other legally protected characteristic.

Raytown EMS Employees will adhere to the following ethical standards:


· Raytown EMS employees acknowledge that the professional status as an Emergency Medical Technician and Emergency Medical Technician-Paramedic is maintained and enriched by the willingness of the individual practitioner to accept and fulfill obligations to society, other medical professionals, and the profession of an Emergency Responder.

· A fundamental responsibility of the EMT and EMT-P is to conserve life, to alleviate suffering, to promote health, to do no harm, and to encourage the quality and equal availability of emergency medical care.

· The EMT and EMT-P provides services based on human need, with respect for human dignity, unrestricted by consideration of nationality, race, creed, color, or status.

· The EMT and EMT-P does not use professional knowledge and skills in any enterprise detrimental to the public well being.

· The EMT and EMT-P respects and holds in confidence all information of a confidential nature obtained in the course of professional work unless required by law to divulge such information.

· The EMT and EMT-P as citizens, understands and upholds the law and performs the duties of citizenship; as a professional, the EMT and EMT-P have the never-ending responsibility to work with concerned citizens and other health care professionals in promoting a high standard of emergency medical care to all people.

· The EMT and EMT-P shall maintain professional competence and demonstrate concern for the competence of other members of the Emergency Medical Services health care team.

· An EMT and EMT-P assumes responsibility in defining and upholding standards of professional practice and education.

· The EMT and EMT-P assumes responsibility for individual professional actions and judgment, both in dependent and independent emergency functions, and knows and upholds the laws that affect the practice of the Emergency Medical Technician or Emergency Medical Technician-Paramedic.

· An EMT and EMT-P has the responsibility to be aware of and participate in matters of legislation affecting the Emergency Medical Service System.

· The EMT and EMT-P, or groups of Emergency Medical Technicians or Paramedics, who advertise professional service, do so in conformity with the dignity of the profession.

· The Emergency Medical Technician and Paramedic has an obligation to protect the public by not delegating to a person less qualified, any service which requires the professional competence of an Emergency Medical Technician.

· The EMT and EMT-P will work harmoniously with and sustain confidence in other EMS associates, the nurses, the physicians, and other members of the Emergency Medical Services health care team.

· The EMT and EMT-P refuses to participate in unethical procedures, and assumes the responsibility to expose incompetence or unethical conduct of others to the appropriate authority in a proper and professional manner.

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