Animal Control


The City of Raytown is committed to helping pet owners keep their pets safe and healthy while preserving the peacefulness of our neighborhoods. Each pet owner is responsible for keeping his/her pet well cared for and safe. For more information, please contact the Community Development Department at 816-737-6014. 

Annual City Pet License 
The City of Raytown requires all cats, dogs, ferrets and pot-bellied pigs over 90 days old to have an annual city license. This license is separate than the rabies tag issued by your veterinarian. The license period matches the date of your pet's rabies vaccination. To obtain a license, fill out the form on the back of this brochure and return to City Hall with the appropriate fee. An animal license is $5 for a spayed/neutered animal, or $15 for an intact animal.  The city license tag must be displayed on the collar of the pet when the animal is outside. Rabies Vaccination All cats, dogs and ferrets are required to have an annual rabies vaccination from a veterinarian. The rabies tag is required to be displayed on the collar of the pet when the animal is outside.

Number of Pets Allowed 
Pet owners are allowed to have four dogs or cats or any combination of those at a single residence. One pot-bellied pig is allowed at a single residence. Commercial breeding is not allowed with the city limits.

Adequate Care 
Pet owners should provide adequate care for all pets. Adequate care includes wholesome food and a supply of clean, fresh water provided in a sanitary manner. Water should be in a container that cannot be overturned. In addition, pet owners shall provide adequate health care including immunizations and preventative care required to maintain the animal in good health. Owners shall provide adequate space to allow the animal sufficient rest and exercise. Grooming as needed so pets are free from dangerous matting which affects their health. Finally, owners shall provide adequate shelter for each pet. Adequate shelter means a structurally sound, properly ventilated, safe, sanitary and weatherproof shelter suitable for the species, condition and age of the animal. The shelter should provide access to shade from direct sunlight and protection from exposure to inclement weather conditions. The area where the animals are kept must be kept free from unsanitary conditions, debris and refuse, or any other item that may cause injury or a danger to the health of the animal.

Adequate Restraint of Pets 
All animals (including dogs and cats) are required to be adequately restrained while outdoors even on the pet owner’s private property. The animals may be restrained by a handheld leash or a structure such as a fence, kennel or cage, that is sufficient to prevent an animal being loose. Tethering of animals is allowed; however, someone must be visually supervising the animal to insure the pet’s safety while being tethered.

Excessive Noise 
Pet owners should not have any animal that disturbs a neighborhood by making excessive noise. This includes any noise that is loud and continuous or untimely to disturb the peace and quiet of a neighbor within 100 yards.

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