Most commercial construction requires that formal plans be submitted, reviewed and approved prior to permit issuance.  Many times, the review will be done by the "Joint Review Committee".  Below is more information on this committee.

All work to commercial and industrial buildings must be done by properly licensed contractors.  Electricians, Plumbers and Mechanical contractors, besides needing a business license, are also required to obtain a Master Craftsmans license.  Only property owners that reside in, and are working on their own residential houses are exempt from this requirement.

Further information on this website can be found on "Construction permit fees", our "Permit Application", "required inspections", and the "Permit Application Procedures". For information on which water company serves your area, please click here.

Also see our current adopted construction codes with amendments to the building, fire, residential, electric, fuel-gas, mechanical, plumbing, and existing building codes.

Joint Review Committee

All development, exterior work, or site changes to commercial or industrial properties start with a meeting with the "Joint Review Committee".  Even some residential exterior projects start with this process.  The Joint Review Committee consists of employees from different City hall departments, as well as the Raytown Fire Protection Fire Marshal and others outside agencies.  The purpose of the JRC is to discuss projects with applicants, without the applicants having to contact several different departments or agencies to gain information.

Please contact the Community Development Director , Ray Haydaripoor, or the Building Official, Andy Boyd, to discuss the details of your proposed project.

Contact information:
Ray Haydaripoor - Community Development Director
rayh@raytown.mo.us   (816) 737-6075

Andy Boyd - Building Official
andyb@raytown.mo.us  (816) 737-6186 




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