Raytown does not have a dedicated recycling center. But there are many places in and around Raytown to recycle. 

Bridging the Gap

Bridging The Gap currently manages three of KCMO’s recycling centers.  The money received from the materials is paid to the City of Kansas City, Missouri, which helps to cover the operating costs of the Centers.


You know that the landfill isn't the best place for most of what you throw away, but you're unsure what your other options are. You have questions about what products you can and can't recycle. You have stuff you want to get rid of, but you want to know how to do it responsibly. Where can you find answers to these questions and more? is Kansas City Metro Area’s one-stop spot for recycling, reuse and waste reduction information. connects you to hundreds of area services and providers and gives you information on what’s available in your community.

Clean Up Coupon

Public Works offers a coupon for Raytown Residents that can be used to help recycle items from your home. To find out more information about the coupon and where it can be used click here.



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