Residential Construction

Benefits of Building Permits

Does it require a permit?
In general, most construction, appliance installations, reroofs, basement finishes, driveway extensions, siding, window replacement, etc., do require permits to be obtained.  The building, plumbing, electrical, and mechanical codes state what is "exempt" from permitting.  Anything else requires that a permit be obtained  prior to work beginning.

Items not required to have permits obtained are:

  • Detached structures 200 square feet or less
  • Retaining walls, 4 foot in height or less
  • Painting, sheetrock, carpeting, cabinets, etc.
  • Pools less than 24 inches deep
  • Decks less than 30 inches above grade
  • Changing of electrical fixtures (Switches, lights, outlets, etc.)
  • Changing of plumbing fixtures (Showers, toilets, sinks, etc.)
  • Repairing of furnaces, air conditioners, and water heaters.  Replacing the entire unit must be permitted!

Moving, replacing, or adding plumbing drain lines, or electrical circuits must be permitted!


City Right-of-Way:
Work that is performed within approximately 11 feet of the street requires a Right-of-Way permit from the Public Works Department.  Call Public Works at (816) 737-6012, or find the link on the right.

Zoning regulations:

Zoning regulations apply even in cases where construction work doesn't require a permit.  For instance, sheds less than 200 square feet and fences don't require permits, but the location, materials, heights, etc. are often regulated through the Zoning Code.  The number of accessory buildings allowed are stated in the Zoning Code.  Also, in certain zones, special design standards apply.

Other information

Further information on this website can be found on "Construction Permit Fees", our "Permit Application", "Required Inspections", and the "Permit Application Procedures".

Also see our current adopted construction codes with amendments to the residential code.

Other information, such as sample site plansdecks and swimming pool information can also be located on this website.

Selecting the Right Contractor (information)

Who can obtain permits?

Property owners can only obtain their own permits for repairs or construction if:

  1. They are physically doing the work, and
  2. They own the property, and
  3. They reside on the property

If this is not the case, only licensed contractors may obtain the permit.  Electrical, plumbing, and mechanical contractors must also possess a "Master Craftsman License".

Utility information:

Two separate water companies serve the Raytown area.  They are the Raytown Water Company, and the Public Water District #2.  

The electric company that serves the Raytown area is Kansas City Power & Light Company.

Natural gas information can be located at the Missouri Gas Energy Company.

Sewer installations are permitted through the Community Development Department and/or the Public Works Engineering Division.  Any construction performed in the city right-of-way must have a right-of-way permit obtained through the Public Works Department.


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