Sales Tax Review Committee

The Sales Tax Review Committee meets 4-6 times per year to review spending related to the Public Safety, Transportation and Capital Sales taxes.

The City of Raytown's Fiscal Year is November 1st to October 31st.

Current Sales Tax Review Committee meetings and documents are available here.


Meeting Dates Fiscal Year 2021 Meeting Packet Minutes
 December 7, 2020  Click here  


Meeting Dates Fiscal Year 2020 Meeting Packet Minutes
 March 10, 2020   Click here  Click here
 July 14, 2020  Click here  Click here
 August 3, 2020  Click here  Click here
 October 12, 2020  Click here  Click here


Meeting Dates-2019 Meeting Packet Minutes
December 11, 2018  Click here  Click here
February 12, 2019  Click here  Click here
 April 23, 2019  Click here  Click here
 September 10, 2019  Click here  Click here
 November 7, 2019  Click here  Click here