Sump Pump & Back Flow Valve Assistance Program

The City of Raytown’s Board of Aldermen approved a Sump Pump & Back Flow Valve Assistance Program. The intent of this program is to financially assist property owners with removing private storm water from the public sanitary sewer system as well as reduce the potential for sewer backups in private residences and buildings. You may qualify to receive monetary assistance in the form of a partial or whole reimbursement for the installation of equipment designed to remove private storm water from the sanitary sewer system and/or a backflow prevention valve designed to reduce the chances of sewer backups. In order to receive this assistance, the property owner must comply with the following steps:

1. Turn in completed Sump Pump & Back Flow Valve Assistance Program application to the Public Works office located at Raytown City Hall.

2. After turning in the application, contact the Public Works Sanitary Sewer Department at (816) 737-6146 to set up a site inspection appointment to determine if there is a ground water connection to the sanitary sewer main. The CCTV inspection is a free service designed to determine if the property qualifies for the program. Any investigative work will be performed by qualified professionals with the Public Works Department and will be at no cost to the property owner. Someone will need to be at the property during this inspection.

3. Property owner must provide the City sewer crew with clear access to the inspection point for Public Works staff to access the private lateral/clean out. If necessary, the property owner will be responsible for removal and replacement of a toilet for Public Works staff to gain access for the CCTV inspection.

4. A release authorizing Public Works staff to enter and inspect the private sewer lateral will be needed before any work is started.

5. The private sanitary service lateral line may require cleaning at the property owner’s expense before the CCTV inspection can be completed. We will not be able to determine this until we arrive and begin the work.

6. Property owner will agree to sign a hold harmless form regarding potential issues for Public Works staff getting clean out caps off or trouble with any other portion of the inspection process.

7. The Public Works Sanitary Sewer Crew will perform an onsite CCTV inspection. Then, a letter of acceptance or denial will be mailed to the property owner. This letter of acceptance will state what work is necessary to be completed.

8. If you are not going to do the work yourself, you must acquire three (3) itemized quotes from licensed plumbers to perform the work.

9. The Public Works Department must review the 3 itemized quotes to verify what costs are eligible for assistance under the program. The Department will use the approved example of payout list on the following page to determine the eligible costs. If the cost to do the work exceeds the City’s assistance limit, then the remainder of the cost will be the responsibility of the property owner. Public Works staff will provide a Pre-approved amount for qualified expenses. Reimbursement for eligible costs under the assistance program is subject to available funding under the Public Works Dept. budget.

10. A selected plumber will need to obtain a current Raytown business license, an up-to-date craftsman license, proof of insurance, and a plumbing permit from the Community Development Department.

11. A City of Raytown Building Inspector must inspect the work before the property owner or plumber covers the Sump Pump & Back Flow Valve work completed.

12. Once the work is complete, paid itemized receipts and the inspection sheet must be submitted to the Public Works Department to begin the reimbursement process. This process may take a few weeks.

All questions should be directed to the Public Works Department at (816) 737-6012. If you would like to complete an application for the Sump Pump & Back Flow Valve Assistance Program please click the document below.