Land Division


If you would like to apply for or inquire about any of the following processes, please contact our office at 816-737-6014.


Preliminary Plat
A preliminary plat is a survey that provides detailed graphic information and associated text indicating property boundaries, easements, land use, streets, topography, utilities, drainage and other information required to evaluate the proposed development. Preliminary plats are typically used as drafts and go through revisions before a final plat is created and approved.


Final Plat (Replat)
A final plat is a survey that legally establishes the division of property into separate parcels or tracts. A final plat shows lot boundaries, street dedications, easements and any other division(s) of land. The final plat is required to review the impacts of a proposed development, confirm adequate provision of public services, and ensure new development will conform to all applicable plans and regulations.


Lot Split/Lot Combination
A lot split allows the creation of up to three parcels of land and a lot combination allows the combination of any number of parcels, without going through the subdivision process.