Ways to Get Involved in Your City Government

What do you do to make our little part of the world better?

Webster defines pride as a pleasure or satisfaction taken in an achievement, possession, or association.

Every resident in Raytown is a valuable resource to building a City that makes us proud. 

Serving on a City Board, Commission or Committee offers Raytown residents an extraordinary opportunity to participate in the City’s governmental affairs. The most important qualifications for serving are an interest and willingness to serve. The application for these committees and commissions can be found on our Website here or by calling the City Clerk at (816) 737-6004.


Click here to complete our application form to volunteer for our Boards and Committees.


These Boards, Commissions and Committees meet regularly.

Board of Zoning Adjustment meets on the second Thursday of each month for approximately one hour. This committee deals with appeals of citizens on property matters.

Planning and Zoning Commission meets once a month to act on various applications relating to allowable use on land and preparing a comprehensive plan.

Police Officers' Retirement Fund Board of Trustees meets quarterly to review the Police Pension Plan.

Raytown Park Board meets monthly and is the governing body tasked with operating and managing the city park and recreation system.

Raytown Tree Board meets monthly and is the advisory body that manages the City’s trees and arboriculture system.

Special Sales Tax Oversight Committee meets 4-6 times per year to review spending related to the Public Safety, Transportation and Capital Sales taxes.


These Boards, Commissions and Committees meet annually or biannually.

Elected Officials Compensation Committee meets every two years to determine what pay levels are appropriate for Raytown's elected officials.

Industrial Development Authority meets annually to review Industrial Development Bond Applications and issue Revenue Bonds.


These Boards, Commissions and Committee meet as needed.

Tax Increment Financing Commission meets as needed to review all Tax Increment Finance applications that are filed and make recommendations to the Board of Aldermen.

Community Health Advisory Committee meets as needed.

Economic Development Advisory Council meets as needed to enhance the economic viability of the community

Property Maintenance Board meets as needed to provide an appeal process for property maintenance ordinances.

Raytown Community Foundation meets as needed to ensure money is donated through the Foundation according to guidelines.