Fire District and Utility Information

Fire District

The Raytown Fire Protection District is a separate entity from the City of Raytown. However, both agencies work closely together for the enhancement of services within the City limits. Depending on the type of work performed, a separate permit and inspection may be required by the Fire District. Please contact the Raytown Fire Protection District for further construction permit requirements.


Other Utilities

Two separate water companies serve Raytown; Raytown Water Company and Public Water District #2. Information regarding water main taps and fees can be obtained through the applicable water company.

The electric company that serves Raytown is Every (formerly known as KCP&L). Electric power will not be restored to a building until we have inspected the permitted work, and cleared the approved work with the electric company.

Natural gas information can be found at Spire.

Sewer Installations and repairs are permitted through the Community Development and/or the Public Works Engineering Division. Any construction performed in the city right-of-way must have a Right-of-Way Permit obtained through the Public Works Department. Please contact the Public Works Department at 816-737-6012.