Human Relations Commission

The Human Relations Commission…
Seeks to eliminate and prevent discrimination.
Endeavors to eliminate prejudice.
Educates the public on diversity issues.
Promotes positive relationships between people.

The Human Relations Commission has developed an Action Plan that will steer the work that we do. 

Date of the Meeting Agenda Notes
March 19, 2015 Click here  
 April 16, 2015 Click here.  


Demographic Information

The population of Raytown has held steady over the past 40 years. The population of Raytown, however, is still changing and has become younger. In 2000, the median age of Heads of Household in Raytown was 50.5 but dropped to 40.3 by 2010. In comparison the median age for Head of Households in Raytown was below the State of Missouri’s median age of 42.8 in 2010. Like most communities across the nation, Raytown’s population has become more diverse. In 2010 the 29, 526 persons living in Raytown consisted of 65% White; 24.9% African American; 4.7% American Indian, and 5% Hispanic. In comparison, in 2000 the 30,337 person residing in Raytown consisted of 84.2% White; 11.7% African American; 0.8% American Indian, and 2.3% Hispanic.