The Community Development Department

The Community Development Department provides its clients with the efficient processing of development-related permits, and counsels them through the components of the Municipal Code for various review and approval processes.

Our team is composed of two individual divisions: Building & Neighborhood Services, and Planning & Development Services. Our department provides a diverse set of services within the City of Raytown including, but not limited to: Building Inspections, Code Enforcement, Animal Control, Planning and Zoning, Business Licenses and Building Permits. Staff members work to improve and protect health, safety, and quality of life in our community. The Department strives for success via timely and efficient service to our customers.

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Community Development Department

  1. Building Inspections and Neighborhood Services
    1. Building Inspections
    2. Code Enforcement
    3. Animal Control
    4. Rental and Non-Owner Occupied Residences
  2. Planning and Development Services
    1. Planning and Zoning
    2. Business Licenses
    3. Building Permits
    4. Planning & Zoning Commission Meetings
    5. Board of Zoning Adjustment Meetings