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 The Raytown Municipal Court will be closed Thursday and        Friday, July 4th & 5th, 2024.  
If you have any questions regarding your citations please visit Case net from the link below.
If your case doesn't appear in the search above please contact the court, with the citation number listed, via email at the address below.
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***Attention Attorneys***
 Please contact the prosecutor to work out a plea agreements or discuss an offer prior to your client’s assigned court date. 
If your clients case is in Case net you will be required to E-File per administrative order 2022-0004 dated 9/28/2022, each case will need separate entries/motions.  We will no longer accept Fax, email, or in person motions or entries
Warrants will not be pulled during court.  Please file your entry/motions at least 3 hours prior to court.



In order to maintain order and uphold the dignity and decorum of the judicial branch of our government, rules of conduct and dress for litigants, counsel, witnesses, court staff and spectators will ensure that persons in the courtroom do not obstruct or interfere with the orderly transaction of court business nor degrade or insult the dignity of the judicial proceedings, judicial officers, witnesses and others in the courtroom.

NO hats, tank tops, halter tops, obscene/lewd printing of material on clothing, pajamas, slippers, midriffs, shorts, short skirt/shorts, exposed undergarments etc. You will be asked to leave and put on something more appropriate for court.




Food and drinks are not allowed in the courtroom.



Payment Options and fines

No personal checks will be accepted for payment of fines and costs.  The forms of payment accepted, in person, are cash, money order, or a certified cashier's check. 

 The amount of the fine assessed by the Court is affected by the facts and circumstances of the case. Mitigating circumstances may lower the fine. However, aggravating circumstances may increase the fine. In no case may the fine exceed $500.00. 

All fines are deposited in the General Revenue of the City of Raytown.


If you are found guilty of an offense, court costs will be added to the fine. Court costs are required by state law.

Failure to appear and pay fines/cost by the date specified by the Judge could result in one or all of the following,

1. A warrant being issued for your arrest.

2. Debt being sent to a collection agency where up to 20% will be added to the amount that is due to the Court.

3. Debt being sent to the tax interception program.  The fines/cost could be collect from your tax return.


Once your case has been sent to collections the court will no longer accept payments from you.  You will need to contact the collection agency at the contacts below.


PO BOX 1355



OR CALL TOLL FREE AT 800-9963-7059


  If your case has not been sent to collections, you may be able to pay via pay by web at the link on case net below.
                                                   Pay by Web                 Litigant or case number search
 Once you find your case you will click on the pay by web icon and follow directions from there.



Court Appointed Counsel

The application for a court appointed counsel can be obtained from the Municipal Court office located at City Hall or at you may print out a copy from the bottom of this page and walk it in to the court. The application must be completed in its entirety, front and back, returned to a court clerk at least 2 weeks prior to the assigned court date by the applicant.  You will be asked a series of questions when you submit your application to the court.


Court Procedures

The Municipal Court is the court where the majority of people come into contact with the judicial system.  It should be emphasized that every accused has all the same protection of "due process of law" in this court as afforded in any other trial court.

  • The right to retain an attorney
  • The right to a trial
  • The right against self-incrimination
  • The right to cross-examine witnesses
  • The right to compel witnesses to appear for you
  • The right to appeal from an adverse judgment to the Circuit Court after trial (trial de novo)

The court does not view an accused as a criminal but rather as a fellow citizen of the community who has been accused or charged with a violation of law, and entitled to full protection of law as referenced above.  Although we have an entrusted duty to perform the judicial function on behalf of the community, it is our intent and desire to treat each person before the court with appropriate courtesy and respect.

It is not the burden of the defendant to prove he/she is not guilty, but rather it is the burden of the city prosecutor to prove "beyond reasonable doubt" that after consideration of all the evidence, the defendant should be found "guilty."  Absent such finding, the defendant is deemed "not guilty."

The maximum fine and sentence in Municipal Court for any single offense is $500.00 and 90 days in jail.  It is the general policy of the court to expect all fines and court costs to be paid immediately upon assessment.  Fines and costs may be paid by cash, cashier check, or money order.

A plea or finding of guilty of many traffic offenses carries with the conviction an assessment of points against driving privileges, and an accumulation of multiple points could jeopardize driving privileges in this state.  For residents of other states, a record of any assessment of points as a result of a conviction in Missouri will be forwarded to the home state under the interstate Non Resident Compact Law.  Conferring with legal counsel before entering a plea of any charge before the court is encouraged.

The Court has a duty to protect and preserve it's function and dignity, and those appearing before the court are expected to present themselves in a manner and dress that demonstrates appropriate respect.


Appealing your case -Trial De Novo

The following information will explain the items required should you seek to appeal your case:

  1. You have ten (10) calendar days (this includes weekends) from the day after the Court’s decision.
  2. You must complete the Application for Trial de Novo form MU160 lactated at the bottom of this page, satisfy payment of the filing fee (as required by the Circuit Court of Jackson County). 
  3. The filing fee of $30.00 per case is required.

Filing fee $30.00 check or money order only, written  to:

 The Jackson County Circuit Court


** Return the application(s), filing Fee(s) to the Raytown Municipal Division Clerk counter with in the 10 days allotted.

  The Raytown Municipal Division does not have the authority to alter the requirements or extend the time limitations described above; however, we are required to accept your Application for Trial De Novo and forward it to the Jackson County Circuit Court.

  1. If the Application for Trial de Novo and filing fee  are not posted within ten days of the original judgment; then the original judgment will remain in effect and the Court will proceed with execution of the judgment.
  2. If you do file the Application for Trial de Novo, the funds and your pleadings will be forwarded to the Jackson County Circuit Court.   After you have completed the application process any questions or requests should be directed to the Jackson County Circuit Court, 308 W. Kansas, Independence, Missouri or call 816-881-4500.

If you do appeal, you must pay a $30.00 filing fee per case to cover the cost with the Court Clerk, who will forward the money and the case file(s) to the Circuit Court. A new court date will be issued by Jackson County Circuit court and will be available on Case net, your case(s) will be heard again by another Judge in its entirety. You must file this appeal within ten (10) days (including weekends) of the judgment. If the judgment is not appealed within ten days, it becomes final, and you must pay the fines and costs assessed by this court.


 Right to trial
• Right to know when the court is open
• Right to attend court
• Right to release pending hearing
• Right to access court records
• Right to an attorney
• Right to have a judge decide if you can
afford a lawyer or afford to pay fines
• Right to a court-appointed attorney
• Right to request a different judge

Judicial Branch of Government If you are not a citizen of the United States, you should
know that a guilty plea or conviction may result in your deportation, denial of admission to the United States, or you may be denied naturalization under United States law. You may wish to speak with an attorney, especially before entering a guilty plea to any charges.

You have rights under the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). For example, if you or a witness are deaf or hearing impaired, you have the right to request assistance, including an interpreter. For help, please
contact the court’s ADA coordinator. A list of ADA coordinators can be found at http://www.courts.mo.gov/page.jsp?id=180.
If you need help with other ADA disabilities, please call (573) 751-4377 or send an email to access2justice@courts.mo.gov.


While in the courtroom, please:
• Stay seated until your case is ready to be heard by the Judge. 
• Do not smoke or consume food or drink.
• Silence any phones or other electronic devices, and remain quiet.
• Do not sleep or disrupt the court proceedings.

If you plead not guilty, your case will be scheduled for trial. Because of the number of cases the court hears each month and the need to have the officer and any witnesses present, your case cannot be heard that night. You will be given a future court date for trial. 
When your case is scheduled for trial, it will be in the same court in which you appear, UNLESS you request a jury trial. A request for a jury trial should be made by written motion 10 (ten) days prior to the scheduled trial date. If the motion is timely, your case will be sent to the
presiding judge of the circuit court for a new trial date with a jury.
1. At trial, you have a right to testify or remain silent. If you remain silent, it is not considered an admission of guilt. If you testify, the judge may consider any statement you make in deciding your guilt or innocence.
2. At trial, you have the right to ask questions of witnesses testifying against you.
3. You have the right to ask the clerk to issue a subpoena to require witnesses to come to trial and testify.
4. If you are found not guilty, the case ends.
5. If you are found guilty, you can accept the decision or appeal to the circuit court. If you appeal your case, you will be granted a new trial before a different judge. The request for appeal must be made in writing within 10 (ten) days of the court’s decision and cannot be extended for any reason. You can appeal even if you are not able to pay. Complete details of the appeal procedure can be found at courts.mo.us   You may also ask the clerk for information on the process.

Municipal division courts are authorized by the Missouri Constitution and are part of the circuit courts. They are open to the public of all ages. The purpose of these courts is to provide
you with a place to obtain a fair and impartial trial on any alleged violation of a city ordinance. While this is a general overview of your rights in municipal division courts, each
individual court may have local rules that may apply to your case. Please check with your local municipal division court for the local court rules.
Municipal division courts are courts of law established to protect the rights of all citizens. If there is anything you do not understand, do not hesitate to ask the judge any questions.
Right to know when the court is open. Every court has different hours it is open. It is important that you check the court’s website or call the court’s clerk to determine when it is open.
A comprehensive listing of contact information for all municipal division courts in Missouri can be found at http://www.courts.mo.gov/mcw/findacourt/muniDivisionList.htm.
Right to attend court
Courts in Missouri are open to the public of all ages. Right to release pending hearing
If you are in jail for a municipal charge, you have the right to be released unless the court decides you need to be in jail for the protection of the community or because you may not
appear for court. If the court orders your release from jail, there may be conditions on your release, including bail. Right to access court records If you have a case in a municipal division court, you have the right to see the court records for your case. This
includes records that show charges, court rulings, fines, and other information for your case.
Right to an attorney
You have the right to be represented by an attorney and may hire one at any time. When you first appear in court, you can ask to postpone the hearing one time so you can 
hire an attorney. However, you are not required to have an attorney represent you. You may represent yourself. Right to have a judge decide if you can afford a lawyer or pay fines
If you want an attorney, but cannot afford one, you can ask that the judge decide if you qualify for a court-appointed attorney. You may be required to fill out paper work about
your finances as a part of this process. You can also request the judge to decide if you are able to pay court fines or to be granted an alternative sentence. You may be required to fill out paper work regarding your finances as a part of this process. You may not be put in jail for failure to pay fines or costs unless the judge finds you have the ability to pay but are unwilling to pay or when alternative sanctions to jail are not sufficient. Right to a court-appointed attorney
If you show you cannot afford an attorney, and the city is seeking to put you in jail, the court will provide an attorney to represent you.
Right to request a different judge
You may request a change of judge for any reason within 10 (ten) days after you enter your initial plea. If it is past the 10 (ten) days, then you must show cause why the judge
should be changed. In addition, a judge may decide he or she cannot hear the case if they have a conflict of interest in the case or the judge will appear as the prosecuting attorney in a neighboring county where the prosecuting attorney will serve as judge.
1. The case is ready to be heard by the judge.
2. Witnesses are given an oath to testify.
3. The city’s witnesses explain their version of what happened.
4. You or your attorney can ask questions of the City's witnesses.
5. You may testify and call witnesses to explain your version of what happened.

6. The city prosecutor may question you and your witnesses, if you and your witnesses testify.
7. The judge makes the decision.
If you plead guilty or are found guilty, you may face the following punishments or fines:
1. Minor traffic violations—up to $225 total fine and costs.
2. Housing, zoning or building code violations—up to $200 total fine and costs for the first violation in a year, $275 for the second violation in a year, $350 for the third violation in a year, and $450 for the fourth and any subsequent violation in a year.
3. All other municipal code violations—up to $500.00 fine plus costs.
4. In addition to these fines and costs, certain violations may result in jail time. Such violations include any violation involving alcohol or drugs, violations endangering the health or welfare of others, or giving false information to a police officer. You may face up to 90 DAYS in jail.
You may be able to pay your fines by mail, online, or in person instead of appearing in court.  Currently all cases are a mandatory appearance in the Raytown Municipal Court. 
You may not be put in jail for failure to pay fines or costs unless the Judge finds you have the ability to pay but are unwilling to pay or when alternative sanctions to jail are not sufficient.



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