Code Enforcement

The Code Enforcement division is responsible for property maintenance and general nuisance codes within the City of Raytown. If you have any questions about Raytown's property maintenance or general nuisance code, or if you would like to report a possible code violation, please call 816-737-6014, between the hours of 8:00AM-5:00PM. You may also submit a complaint online by clicking on the link below.

Please click here to submit an online complaint

Note: For possible animal related violations, please see Animal Control.

 Most Common Violations

  • Weeds, grass and other vegetation must be kept below 8 inches in height on all properties
  • Household items normally intended for indoor use may not be stored outside
  • Unlicensed or inoperable vehicles must be stored inside
  • All vehicles shall not be parked on grass or other non-paved surfaces
  • Trash containers may be left on the curb for 12 hours before and after their scheduled pickup
  • All exterior building surfaces and fences must be maintained and in good condition
  • Any yard waste shall not be set outside for extended periods of time and shall be removed and disposed of in a timely and proper manner


Violation Process

Violations of any ordinances will result in a violation letter sent to the property owner or tenant. This violation letter will explain the violation and allow specified times to correct the problem. Your codes enforcement officer will return to reinspect by this specified time. If the issue has been resolved, the officer will close the violation and no further action will be taken. If the issue has not been resolved, a work order, other fine/ticket, or court order may be issued.


Vacant / Abandoned Property Registration

Click here to access the Vacant / Abandoned Property Registration Form.