Alderman Bonnaye Mims

Representing Ward 5

Dedicating her life to public service, Bonnaye V. Mims has held a variety of elected positions in Missouri most of her adult life. She’s held her current title as Raytown Board of Aldermen since 2017. She was reelected in April 2021 and is now serving her second four-year term.

Fun Fact: Alderwoman Mims has a passion to teach young people the meaning of voting and the process. She has served as an election judge for 51 years. She also believes in sharing factual information to the community and has held many townhall meetings to keep constituents well informed on issues in the City of Raytown.

Alderwoman Mims has served on several committees during on her time on the board including Finance and Policy and Ethics committees. In 2017, she was elected ProTem. In 2012-2016, Mims served two terms as Missouri House Representative for the 27th District.

Ms. Mims has served several boards that include:

  • Hickman Mills School Board (18 years as board member/ four consecutive years as President)
  • Raytown Emergency Assistance Program (REAP)
  • Fire Department Advisory Board

 In 2006, Mims retired from the Department of Mental Health (Western Missouri Mental Health Center) after working for 42 years as Department Coordinator in Forensic Services.

Alderwoman Mims holds several advanced degrees from Wentworth Academy and Park University.

Alderwoman Mims is very active in the community. She is constantly volunteering her time as an advocate for mental health services, conflict resolution, registering people to vote, food pantries and rental assistance.

 Alderwoman Mims loves to dance, sew and collect purses and shoes.