Utilities and Services Not At City Hall

Two separate water companies serve the Raytown area.  Raytown Water Company, and Public Water District #2

Sewer billing information from the City of Raytown Sewer Billing Information

The electric company that serves the Raytown area is Evergy.

Natural gas information can be located at the Spire Energy (formerly Missouri Gas Energy Company).

The City of Raytown does not provide any trash services to residents or businesses. Please contact a private trash service provider to have your trash collected. 

Cable and Internet Service


Time Warner 

AT&T UVerse, new customers

AT&T UVerse, existing customers (transfer service with this link, or by calling 866-878-6332)

Google Fiber


Direct TV

All Connect internet/tv providers search

BroadbandSearch.net internet/tv providers search

Cablecompare.com internet/tv providers search


Landlord-Tenant Disputes

We do provide some services regarding Landlord-Tenant disputes, please call the Community Development office for more information: 816-737-6014

Due to the nature of rental agreements and state law, many of these disputes may require legal action to be resolved, and therefore the City does not get involved. However, the State of Missouri provides information regarding the rights of both landlords and tenants, which can be accessed here. The City can also provide a hard copy of this booklet, which can be picked up at City Hall.